Editor, Daily Nexus,

Much to our disappointment, the recent article concerning new student specific websites (“Students Start Sites Providing Services, Trade,” Daily Nexus, Jan. 29) failed to recognize Uloop.com, a growing website founded by a team outside of Santa Barbara. By focusing exclusively upon student-operated organizations, the article overlooked the blatant fact that the Uloop.com site’s functionality remains central to differentiations between service-oriented organizations. The question at hand does not pertain to where the founders originate, but rather to who provides the most efficient and simple solution for chaotic student life.

Uloop.com not only achieves an entirely free, secure and effective space for exchange, but it also perpetually shifts in order to accommodate the ever-changing needs and lifestyles of UCSB students. Through our all-inclusive set of categories – events, community, sales, services, housing and campus jobs – Uloop.com strives to keep students connected and significantly minimizes the overwhelming demands and concerns of college life. Uloop.com’s dynamic character is tailored to UCSB, which sets it apart from other providers making it a unique and noteworthy organization.