Rainy days simultaneously suck and blow. That may sound impossible, but your mom’s vast experience has taught me that it’s not. It is the rainy season of winter quarter that leaves me doing my reading that I put off for weeks and now have no choice but to do. Then I realize that I always have a choice until I have to financially support myself, and I should live up every “free” moment I have until I graduate in four months. I toss aside my reader, get dolled up, grab my umbrella and spend the night getting trashed with my friends. My raging senioritis is yet another component of my instant gratification, live-in-the-moment mentality I apply to every aspect of my life – especially my sex life.

I am just as sexually satisfied by a late-night, intense, back-scratching, heavy-breathing unexpected session on my couch as I am casually sleeping with someone I am dating. Show me respect, make me laugh and – most importantly – work your mouth until I scream, and I am happier than Paris Hilton in a vat of self-tanner and dildos. I can get quality emotional interaction from my friends and keep my sexual trysts purely for physical satisfaction.

For most of you, and most definitely me, wedding bells are years away. Our college years are a chance to have unforgettable sex and realize exactly what we want and don’t want before we finally lock it up and promise the rest of our lives to one person.

The uncertainty of life is a reality every day. Sex is ultimately the reason to live – to procreate and live on through your generations of children. However, this isn’t the Middle Ages. Adulterers aren’t put to death and the fun is no longer reserved for those who desire a family. Thanks to modern medicine, we are given the option of experiencing the greatest feeling on earth and sharing those feelings with as many people as we want without the consequences of babies or venereal disease. But is instant sexual gratification worth the risk?

A friend of mine says no. He believes that waiting until marriage to have sex is the safest way to sexual satisfaction. He feels that abstinence until marriage is preferable because it helps partners maintain their physical and emotional well-beings.

A relationship without any risks is certainly safer than playing with your body and heart. However, I believe there is no ultimate satisfaction without any risk. Sure, there is a risk of acquiring herpes or a broken heart, but communication and condoms can severely reduce the risk of these occurrences. Plus, how will I ever know that I like public sex without being young and feeling invincible enough to risk it on campus? Or experience a one-night fling with a foreigner that leaves me with a satisfyingly naughty memory of the beach in Costa Rica?

The question of sexual chemistry also must come into play. I could spend hours playing Nintendo and chatting with my best guy friend, but the second our relationship turned sexual, the lack of chemistry left things awkward and unfulfilling. Conversely, I have had mind-blowing sex with men I have an intense sexual connection with, but with whom I have trouble holding a decent conversation.

The goal of marriage is to spend your life with the one person who pleases you sexually and is your best friend – the ultimate satisfaction in a romantic relationship. But I will not spend my years patiently waiting for my soul mate, sexually dissatisfied and growing my virginity back. College is the time to be impetuous, spontaneous and explore your own sexuality. Protect yourself with contraception, but don’t give up the years where promiscuity is not only acceptable, but embraced with open legs. Relish in the good times, learn and drink because of the bad times, and as a result of your experiences, you will learn exactly what you need to get the satisfaction you need, every single time.