Editor, Daily Nexus,

This is in response to Matt Suedkamp’s iPhone review (“Apple’s iPhone Is Not All It Is Cracked Up To Be,” Daily Nexus, Jan. 23). Like most of his columns, this one hinges on a number of speculative points that are misleading and laughable. He implies or asserts the following points: that the interface of the phone will be similar to Mac OS X- false; that the touch screen is “extremely sensitive and fragile” – unlikely; that its battery life is a mystery – entirely false; and that its screen’s structural weakness will lead to “inevitable cracking” – implausible. Solid refutations to his claims can be found with a little Googling. In a nod to balanced reporting, perhaps, he hopes that the iPhone may do for the phone market what the iPod did for the MP3 player market. Really? In past articles Suedkamp has, without irony, assailed the iPod as “some little Chinese, slave-labor-produced piece of crap” with “crazy file restrictions and lack of functionality” (“Microsoft Shows It Can Speak Apple’s Language,” Daily Nexus, Oct. 10).

I don’t know what standards of credibility the Nexus purports to hold its columnists to, but opinions aren’t worth publishing if they’re based on invented premises. Suedkamp demonstrates in his columns time and again that he is not familiar with the issues he’s discussing and he’d rather make inflammatory statements based on exaggerations than do enough research to write a well-informed column. These types of people are known as trolls and their writings are known as flame bait. The tagline of the column reads, “Matt Suedkamp wants to smack that douche bag Mac guy in the face,” which seems to be the message of most of his columns to date. Can’t the Nexus find any columnist interested in technology who can make informed opinions without a chip on his shoulder? I feel a little bit dumber every time I read what Suedkamp has to say.