Editor, Daily Nexus,

Your blatant disregard for journalistic integrity has been evident for some time now, but that you have nothing constructive to say in your own defense – which became obvious at Wednesday night’s “Town Hall Meeting to Discuss the Nexus” – was quite a surprise. Your Editor in Chief Kaitlin Pike even stated that she was personally offended at having to defend this paper in a public forum. Apparently, neither she nor any other female or male member of the Nexus crew gets offended by sexism, racism or any other type of ignorant, hateful abuse that gets printed in this paper, daily. Few women had anything to say at Wednesday’s meeting as I read one of the Weatherhuman’s ever-insulting pieces that reflected on the humor of recommending coat hangers to women who complain about the expense of birth control. Actually, one of your female staff members did try to justify her role by explaining that she is only responsible for the news section. So, is the ignorance of your columnists due to the fact that they don’t read their own paper? Women of the Nexus, I urge you to pay attention to what the newspaper you work for – and we, the students, pay for – prints, and to think about the effect that hateful and violent columns represent for this university and how they reflect on you as women.