Associated Students Finance Board brought back honoraria yesterday to members of student government for the first time in several years and distributed $137,111.35 to various entities.

After allocating $20,111.35 amongst seven student groups, the board voted to fund the A.S. Committee on Honoraria account with $66,000. Members also set aside $25,000 for independent academic travel grants, which could be used by students to attend conferences, and $26,000 to fund A.S. professional staff development programs.

In addition, board members divided the A.S. budget for the remainder of the year, assigning $400,000 for Spring Quarter and the rest — $224,008.60 — for the duration of Winter Quarter. The board’s funds at the beginning of the meeting totaled $761,119.95.

After discussing budgetary concerns and making allocations to student groups, the board refunded the A.S. Committee on Honoraria with $66,000 for the next two quarters to provide quarterly salaries to members of A.S. boards, committees and commissions.

The A.S. entities that will receive money for honoraria include groups such as A.S. Community Affairs Board, A.S. Finance Board and the Isla Vista Tenants Union. Finance Board members will receive $250 for Spring Quarter and $275 for Winter Quarter.

According to the Legal Code, A.S. Legislative Council members may receive maximum honoraria of $400 per quarter, and honoraria for committee chairs and other appointed positions range from $100 to $600.

Internal Vice President Cecilia Perez said salaries would encourage members to act more responsibly with regards to their duties.

“My main concern is to help with retention of members and accountability,” Perez said. “People will treat this more as a job.”

In addition to funding honoraria, the board funded seven student organizations, including Phi Sigma Kappa, the Chinese Students and Scholars Association and the American Students for Israel. Also included were Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, the UCSB Dance Team, Iaorana te Otea and the A.S. Office of the Student Advocate.

The UCSB Dance Team requested $3,770 to cover the cost of lodging, costumes and competition fees for its annual United Spirit Association Collegiate Nationals.

Lindsey DuPriest, a third-year sociology major and the team’s treasurer, said the team does not receive money from the UCSB athletics program, and therefore needed the support of Finance Board.

“We get no money from the school and we’ve raised only a fraction of what it costs to attend,” DuPriest said. “Most of it comes out of our own pockets.”

The board made a “one-time exception” to fully fund the group’s request, as its allotment would cover items the board does not typically fund, specifically, costumes and hotel accommodations. According to the A.S. Legal Code, Finance Board is able to make a one-time exception per organization per year.

After a brief discussion, the board voted to fully fund the group’s request with consent.

All but one group — Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, which received $1,550 — were fully funded. Phi Sigma Kappa received $2,600, American Students for Israel was given $2,600, the Chinese Students and Scholars Association got $1,675, and Iaorana te Otea was allocated $1,585. The Office of the Student Advocate received $6,331.35.