Editor, Daily Nexus,

I would like to submit this as a response to Ray Collins’s drinking column (“Mexican Partying Is Worth the Trip, Hombre,” Daily Nexus, Jan. 10). He blatantly ripped of the material of one of my favorite comedians and the host of VH1’s “Insominiac,” Dave Attell.

Hey Ray Collins, you ever black out when you’re drinking, or as Dave Attell (the comedian you ripped off) likes to call it, time travel? You’re in a bar, you’re drinking, you black out, you wake up, you’re in another bar, you’re drinking, you black out, you wake up, you’re at the Nexus… working there about three years, still a shitty writer. You want to quit, but you’re banging that girl on the copier later. They say she’s retarded, but those titties ain’t retarded.

Drink it up, Ray, drink it up. But here are some drinking column tips: Never get drunk in a hooded sweatshirt because you will eventually think there is someone standing right behind you, and never steal the work of a popular comic in a school paper with thousands of readers because someone will eventually call you out on your plagiarism. All comedic material in this letter is adapted from Dave Attell’s stand-up “Skanks for the Memories,” and not the hack that is Ray Collins.