After a couple more weeks of playing beer pong, I’ve discovered and created a few more alterations. If you’ve read my previous article, feel free to incorporate any of those previous rules in combination with the following new styles. If you didn’t read my previous article, you can go fuck yourself.

4×4 Beer Pong is perfect when many people want to play and there is a sufficient number of cups and beer. There are two ways of doing this. The first involves two tables. The tables are placed side-by-side and four players stand on each side. In front of each player is six or 10 cups in a triangular formation. As a team shoots, each player can aim for any other players’ cups. This makes it easy to confuse the other team and bounce shots in from opposite corners of the tables. The other way of playing 4×4 Beer Pong involves only one table. Each team should play with extremely large pyramids, with 55, 66 or even 78 cups on each side. In the beginning, it is pretty easy to make a shot, even a trick shot off the ceiling or behind the back. Bouncing should not be allowed in this game. Re-racks generally go at around 35 or 28 cups, and then again at 10, six and/or three. Both versions of 4×4 are entertaining to watch, and in combination with other rules, are extremely fun to play.

Battleship is a classic board game that nearly every kid has played. Why not combine it with Beer Pong and make a classic game for college students? To play Beer Pong Battleship, fill an entire table with cups. Each team takes turns pouring beer into only some cups, similar to setting up ships on the battleship field. While the team is pouring beer, the opposing team must leave the room so they do not see which cups have beer in them. This game can be played with one to four players on each team. The game is played like regular beer pong. When a cup is made, it is pulled from the table, but if it has no beer in it, it is just set aside. If it has beer in it, the team whose “ship” was just sunken must drink the cup and take it off the playing field, and the person who made it gets to shoot again. This game does not involve much drinking and takes a long time to play. To up the game to UCSB levels of drinking, you can put beer in every cup, and vodka in select cups to represent the ships.

3D Beer Pong brings drinking games to a new dimension. A friend and I created this game one drunken afternoon by stacking beer-filled cups on top of each other to form a pyramid. We began experimenting and eventually created rules to incorporate this new dimension. To set up the cups, you need a steady table and a steady hand, so if you have Parkinson’s don’t even think about setting this game up. First make a flat, six-cup pyramid of beer-filled cups. Next place three beer-filled cups on top of the 6-cup pyramid. Each of these three cups should sit on the touching sides of the cups below them. Finally put one last cup on top. You now have three levels of a beer pong pyramid. When a cup is made, that cup must be consumed as well as any cups on top of that cup. For example, at the beginning of the game, if the front cup on the bottom level is made, three cups must be drunk: the one that is made, the one on top of that (front cup of second level) and the top cup.

When you return home and party with your friends this holiday season, shock them with the extremeness extremity of these three alterations to beer pong. Continue the party reputation legacy by asking your friends if they want to play 78-cup beer pong. Show your family and high school chums what a party animal you are by setting up a 3D beer pong match and acting really surprised when they’ve never seen anything like it. You can maybe even throw some eggnog in one of your cups, call it a money cup, and if the opponents make it, get naked and run a few laps around the beer pong table.

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