Editor, Daily Nexus,

The article you ran by Henry Sarria (“Hypocritical District Supervisor Should Stay Out of I.V.,” Daily Nexus, Nov. 21) failed the geography test. County Supervisor Joni Gray may be on a pseudo-populist bender about somehow shutting down Halloween parties in Isla Vista, but Gray is no hypocrite about crime in Santa Maria – the largest and one of the poorest cities in Santa Barbara County – because the 4th district of Santa Barbara County does not include Santa Maria within its boundary. Santa Maria is entirely within the 5th District, but crime and gangbangers really are under the direct purview of the city authorities there, not the county, unlike in Isla Vista. How long will Isla Vista continue to be governed by a troika of three self-described old people from northern Santa Barbara County? Will I.V. ever get its shit together and incorporate as its own city? The I.V. Recreation and Park District could not even muster enough candidates for all the vacancies on the board of directors, so one of the old people supervisors appointed a director instead of having a local election.