Editor, Daily Nexus,

Darwin Bondgraham, what the hell are you talking about (“Celeb Talks Fail to Motivate Students,” Daily Nexus, Nov. 15, 2006)? In no way does going to see Jon Stewart or watching “The Daily Show” limit someone’s ability to be involved. With your logic, shouldn’t you have been doing something “relevant” instead of writing to the Nexus? Why don’t you open your eyes and see that Jon Stewart may be enlightening people to become more politically active? If Stewart will put on a “funny and energizing” show, what can it hurt? Nobody wants to attend a boring and tiresome local meeting, whether Stewart is here or not.

At a time when the media is afraid or unwilling to stand up and speak out, Stewart is a breath of fresh air. It seems to me that it is pretty “relevant.” Supporting people you believe in is what politics is about, and, in Darwin’s words, “his politics are right on.” So explain again how hearing him speak will hurt. If just one person goes to see Stewart for a laugh and comes away with new insights about today’s current issues, we should be happy they are becoming more aware.

If Darwin had his way, people who like to read would stop and join a “relevant organization.” Those who like to watch the news should stop. They are wasting their time and should be spending it at a “relevant movement.” Darwin’s assumption that watching a “funny and energizing” show is a waste of time probably reflects more on the fact that he couldn’t get tickets and less on local political issues. If I missed something important, give me a call, and next time, I will spend the time more “relevantly.” Let me know, Darwin. It’s best to call after “The Daily Show,” though.