By Sonia Lucyga

About 25 people took to the streets of Isla Vista last night armed with whistles, signs and megaphones to rally support and beef up attendance for the town hall meeting, where they discussed possible changes to the notorious noise ordinance.

More than 100 residents came to I.V. Theater at 7 p.m. last night to hear about the proposed amendments to the ordinance and ask questions about the existing rule. The current ordinance mandates that amplified music cannot be audible 100 feet from its source after midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. To attract more attendees, supporters rallied around town, as well as in front of the theater.

“We just went around Del Playa and Sueno spreading the word,” SBCC first-year Lauren Vrazilek said. “We’re the dream team, here to make all the dreams of Isla Vista come true.”

The amended noise ordinance would change weekend noise curfew hours from 12 a.m. to the following: All 6500 blocks in Isla Vista would be extended to 2 a.m., 6600 and 6700 blocks would remain at 12 a.m. and the 6800 block would change to 10 p.m.

Eric Borlaug, president of SBCC Associated Students, worked the microphone outside I.V. Theater, shouting, “Want to party till two o’clock?” and “Change the Ordinance!”

“The overriding theme that we have is we want to show that everyone has a voice and that we can make the community what we want it to be, not what they tell us it has to be,” Borlaug said.

SBCC student and President of External Affairs Keith Russell, the author of the proposed amendments to the current ordinance, said he held the meeting so he could explain to the community what the amendments entailed and to get feedback from residents.

“We’re just really here to discuss concerns and come up with solutions,” Russell said. “We’re hoping for some representation of the community so we can brainstorm.”

At the meeting, Associated Students President Jared Goldschen, a fourth year business economics major, addressed the audience, speaking in favor of the ordinance. Following his speech, Russel gave a PowerPoint presentation about his proposed ordinance and then turned to the audience to hear questions and concerns.

Russell urged the advocates of the proposed ordinance amendments to write letters to 3rd District Supervisor Brooks Firestone. He said their letters could influence the supervisor, referring to Firestone as “the dude who has the power to change the ordinance.”

Sara Monson, a second-year psychology major, said she attended the meeting in support of the proposed noise ordinance, but she also opposes part of it.

“I know plenty of people at other schools who live off-campus, and I don’t think that anywhere else the police just come in and treat kids the way they do,” Monson said. “[But], I also don’t like that in the proposed amendments, the 6800 block would have to shut off their noise at 10 p.m.”

Longtime I.V. resident Henry Saria, who lives on 6600 block of Sueno Road, said he came to the meeting to represent non-student residents and to voice his concern. He said those with children are especially affected.

“You’ve got to think of that person who has to wake up at 6 a.m. to go to work to feed that kid,” Saria said. “If I’ve got someone screaming at 1:30 a.m., the paintball gun comes out.”