I have never had a man turn down oral sex. A friendly fellatio is usually well received when done correctly – and, let’s be honest, even when it’s not. Since midterms are winding down, everyone could use some relaxation. So here are some suggestions on how to turn your man’s frown upside down, and eventually replace it with a ridiculously large grin.

On a man, be sure to be mindful of every inch of his penis and surrounding areas. Gentle strokes and kisses are good ways to heat things up. When you get down to the actual sucking and blowing, use the combination of your hands and mouth to maximize the amount of stimulation. Using your hand to pleasure your partner, while focusing on the tip with your mouth, is another method that gets the job done. Deep throat, if you can stand it, is also a good way to make your man moan. If he can feel the ridges from the roof of your mouth to your throat, then you’re in good shape. I strongly recommend attempting deep throat sober, or else you could upset your gag reflex and a relaxing, pleasuring situation can become an awkward, vomit-ridden nightmare.

Testicles are a whole other ball game, so to speak. Most of men prefer gentle licking or sucking of the balls, as well as light pressure applied with your tongue. The squishy feeling of balls has always simultaneously fascinated and creeped me out – the consistency makes me want to poke them incessantly, but I never would. The balls are an extremely sensitive area to guys; so even the lightest touch can go a long way. Speaking to male friends of mine, and from personal experience, I have found that when it comes to gonads, preference differs significantly from man to man.

Gentlemen, spell out exactly what you want and feel to your partner. The more detailed you are, the better. It is the best way to prevent getting mediocre head and having to close your eyes and concentrate on the face of your ex to bust your nut. Giving a blowjob is supposed to be all about your partner willing to make you happy. To the head-giver: if you don’t like it, fake it! Shove it down with a smile, because it is a serious turn-on. Half the fun of giving oral sex is making the person you’re pleasuring shake with pleasure. Be attentive to the needs of your partner – if he gives you a suggestion, follow it.

I love when guys egg me on with moans and grunts, but do not push down on my fucking head. I will go as far as I can or am willing to, but when a guy pushes down on the back of my head, I am likely to freak out from the pressure and bite, or gag and throw up all over you. So unless you want a bleeding or puke-covered dick, I would stick to a gentle hair twirling or, for you freaky kids out there, a tug or a scratch of encouragement.

Also, try tricks that are out of your box, metaphorically speaking of course. I obviously do not mean popping ping-pong balls and various accoutrements out of your pussy, but you should be mixing it up. Sucking on ice cubes and mouthwash before you go down can add an extra tingle, and giving your partner bedroom eyes with an unwavering gaze can heighten the intensity of head.

Spontaneity, the I-have-to-have-you-now kind of oral sex, is also very hot. Try yanking off your partner’s pants in a relatively public area, and the combination of cool outside air and a warm mouth will work magic. Drop to your knees and work it for five minutes before his brother picks you two up for dinner. The excitement of someone walking in, and messing up your previously immaculate ensemble will make you anxious to finish what you had started. Road head is a viable alternative to a public place when trying to spice things up, but be careful not to let your partner get too into it. Most insurance companies do not accept sucking your boyfriend’s dick as a legitimate claim as to why your man rear-ended that Accord.

Now jump into bed and sixty-nine to practice all the tongue-twisting moves I’ve shared with you and learn more about your sexual preferences in return.

Daily Nexus sex columnist Jenny Paradise suggests you take the stick shift into your own hands and gear up next time you take a drive.