Associated Students Legislative Council debated whether to focus on issues abroad or issues at home yesterday, after hearing about how its increased financial ability would allow for increased activity.

Despite concerns that it did not directly affect UCSB students, Leggies passed a resolution supporting human rights in Oaxaca, Mexico because they concluded many constituents would support the cause. Meanwhile, the council listened to the 2006 A.S. Auditor’s Report, which showed that A.S. as an organization has become financially stable.

In addition, council members tabled a bill restructuring the Isla Vista Tenants’ Union and a bill slightly modifying A.S.’s support of the Educational Opportunity Program. Also, two new council members, Rep-At-Large J.P. Primeau and Off-Campus Rep Evan Ingardia, were sworn in to replace two of the members that recently resigned.

Concerning the human rights resolution, Leggies listened while Pavel Gastelum, a student from Oaxaca, explained the violence, deaths and disappearances that have recently occurred in the area.

Oaxaca is a state in southern Mexico. According to Amnesty International, the state militia has been violating the rights of citizens since protests began against Governor Ulises Ru