Editor, Daily Nexus,

On Nov. 7, voters have an unprecedented opportunity to pass a progressive measure that will provide sustainable transportation by approving Measure D.

Measure D is endorsed by the Daily Nexus and an unparalleled coalition of organizations in Santa Barbara County, including the Sierra Club, UCSB Associated Students, CalPIRG, Isla Vistans for Alternative Transportation, Community Environmental Council, Environmental Defense Center, AAA, League of Women Voters, PUEBLO, COAST and the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition.

Measure D is a regional transportation measure for Santa Barbara County. The revenue will stay within our county and serve residents with more responsible and sustainable travel by bus, bike, foot and train than ever before.

The proposed renewal ensures that alternatives to the car will receive recognition. One-third of people have no access to motor vehicles due to cost, age or physical disabilities. Measure D will meet the needs of everybody with programs like the regional bicycle facilities and safety education, a commuter rail from Ventura to Goleta, safer routes to school, rideshare, vanpool, commuter bus and other such programs, street maintenance and safety measures, more local buses, roadway widening to relieve congestion and senior and disabled person transit.

We worked to ensure that UCSB would have access to its share of bicycle funding of nearly $1.5 million a year countywide. The campus supports about 15,000 people on bicycles each school day, as it is the principal means of mobility on campus. The bike paths and bike racks are in need of expansion, maintenance and replacement, and school funding alone is insufficient to meet the needs.

I have personally pursued the development of the renewal Measure D content over the past two years. It will promote global cooling and address peak oil by responsibly serving our future mobility needs. Please vote YES on Measure D.

Ralph Fertig is president of the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition.