Editor, Daily Nexus,

As an alum, I found it mildly entertaining when the friends I have who still go to UCSB told me that A.S. was trying to pass a $100 fee hike per quarter. For my four years at UCSB, A.S. was never able to pass a fee hike, even one that was only around 10 bucks.

I switched to being mildly shocked when I found out that it passed, especially with a margin of 30 votes. The turnout was so poor that the election was almost invalid, meaning that about 2,150 students decided that everyone should have to fork over $300 a year to A.S. – and you all have no one to blame but yourselves. Granted, the threshold to pass a fee hike was lowered last year. But if Joe Student had put down the booze and bong for two minutes to vote, this would not be an issue.

Sure, I love drinking and whoring as much as the next guy. But at least people came up for air once in a while to vote whenever A.S. tried to do something that was so outlandishly absurd as this fee hike while I was around.

Thanks to apathy and laziness, the student body of UCSB is out $7 million a year. You have all effectively given A.S. 127,000 kegs a year – good job.

Who knows? Maybe the average student will somehow benefit from this. But this isn’t likely, as everyone knows that A.S. throws the shittiest parties.