Residents of on-campus housing will have alternative activities to look forward to this Halloween weekend if they decide to skip the annual holiday festivities Isla Vista.

The eight residence halls have planned several activities for their residents, including carnivals, movie nights, pumpkin carving contests and dances. To keep the halls safe, a number of heightened security measures will also be in place beginning today.

According to a letter sent to all on-campus residents by Housing & Residential Services, security procedures for the weekend include a policy of exclusion of non-residents from the buildings. The rule went into effect yesterday at 5 p.m. and will last through Wednesday morning at 8 a.m.

According to Anacapa Resident Director Peter Chu, the regulations are designed to limit Halloween festivities to locals.

“All of the problems are more from out-of-towners because they don’t know the rules,” Chu said. “We’re not officers, we just want to make it safer for [the residents].”

The HRS letter also stated that all locks on exterior doors will be changed and foot traffic will be redirected to the front lobby doors. Residents are encouraged to keep their room doors locked and carry their Access Cards at all times. Chu said the measures will help keep residents protected during the weekend.

“We’re trying to keep it local and trying to keep is safe.” Chu said.

Chu also said resident directors and resident assistants have planned activities for each night of the weekend to give alternatives to partying in Isla Vista.

“We’re giving [residents] another option [and helping] them prepare for the night,” Chu said.

Each residence hall has different activities planned for their residents as alternatives to partying in Isla Vista. The “pumpkin patch” pumpkin-carving contest was held yesterday on the San Nicolas Residence Hall lawn. In addition, Anacapa will host a movie night on Friday.

“I’m really excited about [all the activities],” Chu said.

The residence halls have a Halloween Carnival planned for Saturday night at Anacapa’s recreation and TV room. The event will feature a ring toss, prizes and cotton candy. Drinking games such as root beer pong and flip cup will also be offered as a non-alcoholic activity for residents. Prizes for contests at the carnival will include gift certificates and other items from the university bookstore and Gina’s Pizza.

Following the carnival, a costume dance will be held with raffle prizes for attendees. On Halloween night there will be a costume contest and “reverse trick-or-treating,” a game that involves RAs going door-to-door handing out candy and condoms.

“We’re encouraging the RAs to have fun with it,” Chu said. “We’re a fun group of people.”

Undeclared first-year Kathleen Tooley said she plans to attend the movie night.

“We’ve heard [Halloween in I.V. is] really crowded,” Tooley said. “Girls get groped and you have to hold onto your friends for dear life.”