Dear Editor, Daily Nexus,

We are writing in response to Courtney Stevens’s editorial about immigration policies (“Liberty Belle: Immigration Policies Are Too Lenient,” Daily Nexus, Oct. 20, 2006). First of all, Courtney writes that our “legislators are now actively encouraging illegal immigrants to take advantage of all the freaking handouts that brought them here illegally in the first place.” What handouts are you talking about, Courtney? Undocumented immigrants come to this country knowing that they’re unwelcome and have an uphill battle ahead of them.

Very few undocumented immigrants use these “handouts” which are available to everyone that qualifies in the United States. Additionally, the program “Food Stamps in Four Hours” not only benefits the undocumented immigrants that collect these food stamps, but also their children: American citizens. I guess you failed to catch that, too, mija.

Second, you mention that tax dollars are being sent to “Spanish TV and radio station icons so they can buy more obscenely bright-colored ensembles.” Again, if you had read the article that you quoted, you would know that the tax money was actually spent on public service announcements to help undocumented families receive “free food and benefits.”

You also rhetorically ask immigration supporters “[Isn’t] the argument that these illegals from Mexico … have admirable work ethics and will do the jobs that American citizens ‘won’t do?'” Wow, Courtney, where do we begin? A sentence ago, you were talking about immigrants receiving help from the government. Is this an editorial or a blog on your MySpace?

You also mention “Americans won’t do certain jobs” because “the alternative to working, namely our inflated welfare system, is far too appealing.” Where did you get the idea that welfare is the alternative to a job? Not everyone who is unemployed is on welfare. What do you know about welfare? You’re from La Jolla.

We find it ironic that you’re even writing about how much you disagree with immigration and undocumented immigrants, since your hometown of La Jolla is a short drive from the Mexican border. I’d be surprised if your family didn’t benefit directly from the labor of an undocumented immigrant. They probably landscape your daddy’s yard. It’s these undocumented immigrants that keep La Jolla looking like the jewel that it is- por supuesto.