Associated Students Legislative Council approved an unusual request last night and held its weekly meeting outdoors under a twilight sky.

After a suspension of council rules to allow the one point of new business to be addressed in the beginning of the meeting, the Leggies motioned to recess and immediately reconvene at the Tent City Jam Fest as a show of support for the community members taking part in the event. The Leggies sat in a semi-circle at the base of Storke Tower for the remainder of their meeting, tabling all old business until next week’s Leg Council meeting.

Leggies also approved the timeline for next week’s special election for the Students’ Initiative. The council will hold a phone vote later this week to approve the ballot language.

A.S. President Jared Goldschen spoke multiple times on the importance of A.S. getting behind the Students’ Initiative. He encouraged members to sign up for tabling, which will be going on in the Arbor this week. The special election will occur on GOLD Oct. 23 to 26.

The one point of new business was a resolution supporting the Students Stopping Rape campaign, “I Want a Truce.” The resolution was passed unanimously.

The campaign calls for an entire weekend free from all cases of sexual assault. SSR is hosting several activities this week to educate students, including a workshop on harassment on the street, a screening of the film “Speak” and a program called “Guess the Rapist.” The campaign will occur in the residence halls, on campus and in Isla Vista.

The points of business that are being tabled until next week include a bill to boycott Conquest Student Housing. Two resolutions were tabled, one supporting upgrades of lighting on campus and the other calling for the UC to sever ties with two nuclear weapon research laboratories in the U.S.

The resolution regarding campus lighting supports UCSB Physical Facilities’ efforts to improve lighting all around campus to provide a “sufficient sense of awareness and safety,” as stated in the resolution. The resolution urges the Chancellor to provide the funding required to complete the updating of all lights around campus, a process that Physical Facilities has already begun.

The meeting adjourned with a solidarity clap to once again express support for the evicted tenants of the Cedarwood Apartments.