Isla Vista’s China Garden has been uprooted, but a blossoming new restaurant, Eclectic I.V., will soon take its place.

CT Brandt, who co-owns the restaurant with Jorge Thomas and Derek Diestler, said Eclectic I.V. will bring customers a diverse food selection, ranging from homemade sausages and burgers to seasonal soups and salads. Brandt said renovations to the building will be completed by November.

“We’re here to serve the I.V. community and we want to provide good food for the students,” Brandt said. “While we won’t be serving alcohol, we will serve to partygoers before and after their parties.”

Eclectic I.V. will only serve food made with local ingredients, Brandt said, and the menu will change according to the season. Soups and other warm foods will be available in winter, while lighter items like salads will be available during the summer.

In addition to buying locally, Brandt said the owners of Eclectic I.V. hope to help the community by fixing up the adjacent park and playing local music over the sound system.

Brandt said the restaurant will offer takeout available in biodegradable containers as opposed to Styrofoam ones to insure quality. Also, the restaurant will have both an express coffee window for students on the run and a delivery service to anywhere on campus or in I.V.

“Our food will be designed to go,” Brandt said. “However, the food presentation will be the same quality as you’d find in the restaurant.”

While some residents expressed sorrow over the loss of China Garden, the owners of Eclectic I.V. said they think their restaurant will be a nice change of pace for the beachside town, and they expect a warm reception.

“China Garden had good service and cheap food,” said Ana Salatino, a fourth-year art major. “I’m going to miss it.”