Editor, Daily Nexus,

I’m sure by now you have noticed all the hot pink posters with the organizations that support and will benefit from the Students’ Initiative. We were shocked to see that our organization, Take Back the Night, was listed among those who would receive “increased funding.” Later, scanning through their flyer with the “100 reasons why you should vote yes,” our jaws dropped once again, as we read reason #28, stating that the Students’ Initiative would provide “more workshops and programs for sexual assault awareness.” That’s funny, since the last time we checked, our request for a measly $0.20 increase was shot down. Associated Students had the nerve to use our name and reputation to gain support for the Students’ Initiative after denying us any monetary support. Never mind the shady tactics that were used to convince us to sign on board for the Students’ Initiative in the first place. Any increase in the number of workshops and programming we offer will be thanks to the resourcefulness and frugality of Take Back the Night, NOT the Students’ Initiative.

Nabilah Rawji and Jessie Nieblas
A.S. Take Back the Night