If you didn’t watch the gubernatorial debate on Saturday, you probably have a life.
That said, the quote of the evening goes to Arnie:
“I can tell by the joy I see in your eyes that you love to raise taxes,” Schwarzenegger said to a flustered Angelides. “Why don’t you just say right now, ‘I love increasing your taxes.'”
Yea, why don’t you say it, huh? Yea, you like that, don’t you? Wait, what’s that? What’s your reply? Why don’t you endorse me some time, baby? Go put on your leash, Angelides.
The safety word is “double-digit-lead.”

Monday’s Forecast: The leash turns out to just be a metaphor for accountability, or some bullshit term like that, and the ‘human’s fantasies goes unfulfilled.