Editor, Daily Nexus

I am writing this letter in complaint about the Daily Nexus’ lack of coverage of on-campus events. I was inspired to write this letter after the Welcome Back Keak Da Sneak Concert on Saturday, Sept. 30. I picked up the Nexus on Monday morning expecting to find it on the front page, but nothing. Then I scanned every page of the newspaper and still nothing.

I do not understand how an event that about 3,000 students attended failed to make the news. I am sure that all the students who attended the show would like to possibly see their picture in the paper, see photos from the show or read a review of the event they attended. Also, I am fairly confident that anybody who unfortunately missed the show might want to read a review and hear about what they missed.

This is not the first concert that has been ignored by the Daily Nexus. I think that the students deserve more than the occasionally small write up in Artsweek. I think the Nexus should consider that if a lot of students attend an event or a major act comes to campus that maybe it is newsworthy. So, in conclusion, it is my opinion that when something big happens on campus it should make the news.