We are all familiar with the highly politicized issue of global warming. But are we really aware of the issue and its consequences? The documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” centers on Al Gore’s speech about the scientific effects of the environmental controversy, combining footage of his lectures with anecdotes from his personal life.

Gore, before and after his presidential campaign, traveled around the world giving over a thousand lectures about global warming. Although watching the film may feel as if we’re back in a lecture hall, the information is undeniably interesting and often shocking. Gore debunks myths about global warming with scientific facts, exposing the ignorance of those who choose to believe that the catastrophe simply does not exist (many of which are in the current administration). Several of the animated diagrams are reminiscent of fiction sequences in the fictional film “The Day After Tomorrow,” especially a demonstration of the flooding that will occur in major cities if carbon emissions continue to increase on their current path. The scary part is that these animations are real and proven by scientists.

The film, at times, feels like a promotion for Gore with scenes of heartwarming stories from his personal life and its not so subtle attempts to humanize the formerly impersonal political figure. However, despite any skeptical feelings, by the end of the film the viewer has a better sense of Gore’s personality and is strikingly aware of his devotion to the issue. Although the film is possibly self-promotional, the looming evidence that the world we live in is in danger is far more important.

The film may not give us clear practical solutions to the problem, but it does bring needed attention to the serious phenomenon of global warming. Gore argues that it is our moral obligation to do everything in our power to prevent the increase in warming in order to protect millions of lives and make the world livable for future generations.

With the film’s powerful evidence and determination, the work proves that global warming is “An Inconvenient Truth” that is difficult to ignore once we know just how inconvenient it really is.