Editor, Daily Nexus,

Ashley Doty needs to get the stick out of her ass. Campaign season is over, and if she didn’t notice, Jared Goldschen won. After debating whether to legitimize Doty’s opinion article (“Learn To Accept Defeat Without Criticizing Others,” Daily Nexus, May 2) with a response, I figured her opinion shouldn’t stand alone in the post-election debris.

If Doty paid attention to the campaign, she’d realize that Romy Lea Frazier’s comments in the Nexus on Monday (“Election Concludes With Goldschen Win,” May 1) were not criticisms but factual statements. As we all know, Goldschen has never been involved in Associated Students, not a single board or committee, not even after he decided to run for the office leading the organization. Frazier’s expression was not an attack on the student voters, but a call to action for us to hold our representatives accountable.

It’s interesting Doty attacks Frazier’s character, when throughout the distribution of fraudulent information on the Open People’s Party flyers, the blatant personal and organizational slander done in the Arbor, and the biased opinions blazoned in the media across the campus, Frazier kept a smile on her face and refused to react negatively. She insisted from the beginning that the Students’ Party run a very clean campaign and followed through with that goal. With grace, she has already begun work on the issues she wants to push for next year. The only literature I saw from OPP was focused on attacking the Students’ Party. Where was the platform? What were the issues? Legitimate concern existed and was proven in the tiny percentage of elected OPP candidates.

I’m not surprised about Doty’s stance, but her ignorance is at the expense of the reputations of those who are active in improving A.S. and UCSB. I couldn’t ask her to be unbiased, but she should at least speak the truth instead of bashing those who didn’t win. Let it go already.