We did not think an individual’s knowledge of what happens in I.V. could get much worse than Rame Hanna’s. We also don’t think anyone’s could get much better than Joel Rodriguez-Flores’.

The issue was not that Hanna did not live in I.V. A year of cramped apartment living does not an expert make. But Hanna’s inability to name a single local government organization, let alone describe how he would interact with them, had us all wondering just why he was running for this position. His repeated mention of I.V. Foot Patrol brutality as Isla Vista’s biggest issue raised obvious questions as to how he could contribute to the I.V. Master Plan, the parking plan and the I.V. Community Center.

Rodriguez-Flores is more than qualified for EVPLA, having been involved in the I.V. Project Area Committee, A.S. Community Relations Committee, I.V. Tenants’ Union and the Measure D campaign. In addition to his sparkling credentials, Rodriguez-Flores exhibited a sincere desire to get more students involved in the management of I.V. Rodriguez-Flores’ advocacy of increasing public transportation as a solution to the parking situation in I.V. demonstrates a commitment to getting to the root of I.V.’s problems. His knowledge of the local government’s power structure assures us he will be instrumental in solving some of those same issues.

– The Nexus strongly endorses Joel Rodriguez-Flores for A.S. external vice president of local affairs.