If any candidate knows more about the inner workings of A.S. than Felix Hu, then we must not have been listening. Having written the most bills of any A.S. Legislative Council member this year, Hu knows exactly what the role of A.S. internal vice president entails.

Hu outlined a clear, well-thought-out plan for making A.S. operate more effectively, offering solutions like resurrecting defunct A.S. committees and seeking external sources of funding for A.S. before pushing more fees on students. Hu’s desire to give traditionally underrepresented groups like club sports and the greek system a voice within A.S. is commendable, and he has the strength of character necessary to make sure Leg Council sticks to its agenda and A.S. committee members are doing their jobs.

While Raymond Meza is certainly knowledgeable about how A.S. functions, the responsibilities of the internal V.P. just don’t seem to be his top priority. Meza’s work with A.S. Student Lobby is a major part of his experience, and it shows: At times, it seemed as though he would be more comfortable – and more qualified – running for external V.P. of statewide affairs.

– The Nexus strongly endorses Felix Hu for A.S. internal vice president.