While debating the allocation of funds to eight student groups yesterday, the Associated Students Finance Board discovered a $400 budget error.

Because the board was uncertain at the beginning of their meeting how much money was missing, A.S. Finance Board Adviser Aaron Jones encouraged board members to allocate funds conservatively and to assume a smaller budget.

At the end of the meeting, however, Jones said the budget failed to include the subtraction of $400, given to campaigners of The Green Initiative Fund and the Community Affairs Board ballot measures at last week’s meeting. The board also found an additional $56.43 left over from Winter Quarter, and after $2,770 was allocated to seven of the eight student groups on the agenda, the corrected budget now stands at $1,268.82.

The UCSB Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC), which requested $1,350 for its annual Dining-In formal dinner, was the only group that did not receive funding.

A.S. Internal Vice President Adam Graff said the board could not fund the dinner because A.S. legal code prohibits the funding of private events.

“I don’t see it as a public event, and I don’t think we should fund it,” Graff said.

However, ROTC representative and fourth-year psychology major Brett Jordan said the event is actually open to the general public – not just ROTC cadets.

“We don’t exclude anyone from the activity, and in the past we have had non-military science members attend,” Jordan said.

Despite Jordan’s appeals, Graff said it would also be inappropriate for Finance Board to fund the event because it would take place off-campus, at the Glenn Annie Golf Course in Goleta.

The board voted to allocate $0 to ROTC with seven in favor, six opposing and one abstention.

The board also debated providing funds to UCSB UniCamp, which requested $750 to defer the cost of fundraising in order to take between 100 and 140 underprivileged children to a camp in the San Bernardino Mountains for one week.

UniCamp Head Counselor and second-year English major Amanda Fuqua said the group needs the money to help kick-start fundraising efforts. The event costs $42,000 to produce, she said.

“We didn’t have enough money to go to camp last year,” Fuqua said. “We had to call the kids and tell them they’re not going to camp.”

The board voted to give UniCamp $500, the maximum amount that Finance Board can allocate to student organizations for fundraising, according to the A.S. legal code. The motion passed with 13 in favor, one in opposition and one abstention.

The Filipino Graduation committee and Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity each received $350 at the meeting, while Focus Media Journal and the Office of the Student Advocate each received $400. Indus was allocated $500, and Chi Delta Theta sorority was granted $270.