Everyone loves breasts. Male or female, whenever a chick with a great rack walks by, our eyes are immediately drawn to them. Women love their breasts, and I can bet that every man feels jealous that we get to hold them and touch them whenever we want. You boys can only imagine how great that privilege is.

But it takes some real know-how for men to treat the breasts right in the sack. A boy kneads and prods and squeezes. A man knows where the real pleasure is at: The nipple.

The nipple is incredibly erotic, even restrained under clothes. The sight of a girl walking by on a slightly chilly day with just the hint of a titty hard-on can, in effect, produce another kind of hard-on. Girls with their nipples pierced know where it’s at: They enjoy extremely sensitive and permanently hard nipples, not to mention elaborately adorned ones.

And, yes, men have nipples too; most even enjoy some nipple TLC when they can get it. But no man could ever love the nipple tease more than an amorous female.

Areolas and nipples come in all shades and sizes – from chocolate brown to barely-there pink, from dime sized to half-dollars and beyond. All nipples share one distinctive quality: They feel incredible when they receive attention from hands, fingers and mouths.

Some careless lovers can overlook nipples in an attempt to hit other basic erogenous zones, but please, make no mistake – nothing gets the inner waterworks of a woman flowing like nipple play.

The key is variation. Just as there are different kisses or positions for different moods, so are there different ways to treat a lady’s nipple.

Painfully slow, feather-soft advances are great. Soft breaths can drive a woman wild waiting for the full effects of the mouth and tongue, and blowing cold air is guaranteed to get nipples even harder. If you part your lips slightly and run them across the areola, barely catching the nipple before moving on, be prepared for a major reaction.

One thing ladies love is the spiral. Starting at the edge of the areola, move your tongue around and around the nipple, closing in on it a millimeter at a time. It’s agonizing waiting for the treat at the center but incredibly pleasurable – definitely a key move for prolonging foreplay.

The next step involves light sucking and squeezing of the breast -nothing too forceful, just a bit of pressure to let her know what kind of mood you’re in. Men can think of it this way: You wouldn’t want a girl sucking you so hard she left bruises all over you, so treat the nipple with equal respect. Definitely employ your fingers at this stage: Rubbing your thumb across a hard, wet nipple sends chills down a gal’s spine and makes it quite a fight to sit still.

Ice cubes are definitely an A+ with the nipples. Holding one in your hand can tend to get messy, but if you hold it in your mouth, then problem solved. The contrast between the warmth of the mouth and the freezing cold temperature of the ice cube is dreamlike and neither of you will regret it.

When things get rough in the bedroom, my advice is to be careful – she may not be the kind of girl who likes a little bit of pain with her pleasure. Here, there is free reign with the nipple: Tugging, biting, intense sucking, pinching – you name it, some woman out there adores it in the right mood.

Also, be a responsive lover. In dealing with pain, the line can be blurry and easily crossed. While it’s easy to do, don’t get overzealous. And when it’s done right, make sure she doesn’t rip out all of your hair as she holds you closer to keep you doing exactly what you’re doing.

Leave yourself room to move to the next level; if you progress too far too quickly, you can bet that your time together will be brief. And ladies, make sure to get all of the attention your nipples deserve. Be vocal about what feels good and what doesn’t, for your own pleasure, and for the safety of your precious, precious nipples.

If you’re well-endowed and you see Daily Nexus sex columnist Nina Love Anthony around campus, watch out – she’s been known to give one hell of a purple nurple.