The Associated Students Finance Board continued its budget hearings last night, but was unable to fund any student groups due to its lack of money.

The board reviewed budget requests for the next school year from about 10 A.S. committees. As for requests for current funds, board members could not allocate money two student groups — the Women’s Ensemble Theatre Troupe (WETT) and the Nikkei Student Union — because the board only has $0.46 left in its Winter Quarter budget.

Although Finance Board has the ability to transfer funds from the Spring Quarter budget into the Winter Quarter budget, Finance Board Chair Aseye Allah said board members should refrain from doing so because the organization had already removed $1,000 from the Spring Quarter budget at a previous meeting.

The board allocated the $1,000 to the UCSB chapter of the U.S. Student Association (USSA). The group will attend the annual USSA National Grassroots Legislative Conference in Washington D.C. on March 4 to discuss lobbying techniques with other students from across the country.

WETT treasurer Sonja Marlisa requested funds for her group’s presentation of the “Vagina Monologues”, taking place in the Hub from Feb. 23-25, and also for Valentine’s Day events scheduled in Storke Plaza next week.

The Nikkei Student Union sought funds for its upcoming Day of Remembrance, which commemorates the WWII-era internment of Japanese Americans. Playwright and actress Jude Narita is set to perform at the free event in the MultiCultural Center at 7 p.m. on Feb. 16. Narita won an award at the 2003 Method Fest for best actress in a short film for her performance in “The Nissei Farmer.”

Allah apologized to the two groups for the lack of funds.

“Unfortunately, we aren’t going to take any money from Spring [Quarter],” Allah said. “Unfortunately, we cannot fund your events.”

The Finance Board also considered the 2006-07 budget requests of several A.S. entities.

A.S. Financial Officer Claudia Alphin said she requested $554,827 to cover the salaries of approximately 22 office staff employees and advisors — a $76,000 increase on last year’s budget. Alphin said her request was a standard four percent increase covering the rising costs of both medical and dental benefits.

“Almost every year, you’re probably going to see that four percent increase projected,” Alphin said.

The A.S. External Audit Committee made a comparatively smaller budget request, asking for $15,325 to pay its auditors. Alphin said she thinks the External Audit is central to maintaining A.S. autonomy from the University administration. The committee received $14,100 last year.

The University Income and Recharge Committee requested $17,500. Alphin said the request accounts for increased university charges to A.S. for services such as payroll and computer usage. The committee received $15,500 last year.

Other requests were made by A.S. administrative agencies such as Mail Services, Media Relations, Technical Support and the A.S. main office to cover operating costs with projected budgets ranging from $600 for phone services to $17,800 for the main office.

The board will make its final budget decisions at a closed-door meeting Monday at 4 p.m. in the A.S. main office.