An unidentified local resident died Sunday evening in a surfing accident off of Campus Point.

The 29-year-old white female drowned when she was pulled underwater after the leash of her surfboard got stuck on a submerged rock. Members of the Santa Barbara County Fire Dept. and the Isla Vista Foot Patrol (IVFP) responded to the scene of the accident around 5:30 p.m. and transported the woman to Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital, said Santa Barbara County Fire Dept. Spokesman Captain Keith Cullum. After receiving emergency medical treatment, she was pronounced dead.

Authorities were still investigating the incident and trying to determine the woman’s identity as of Monday evening.

IVFP senior deputy Mark Williams said the woman was unable to untangle herself from the leash because her leg was also pinned under the rocks.

“It was a surfing mishap,” Williams said. “Somehow her leg got pinned to the rock while she was surfing at Campus Point and her leg leash got caught.” Cullum said a group of nearby surfers rescued the woman, who had been surfing alone.

“They attempted to revive her and were in the process of doing so when our paramedics arrived on the scene,” Cullum said. “[The paramedics] put her on life support, and when she left the beach she was still showing some cardiac signs, but she was not doing too good.”

Williams said authorities pronounced the woman dead at the hospital. As of Monday afternoon, he said, her family and friends had not been notified.

Although some surfing accidents do happen on or around Campus Point, Cullum said, they are rarely as deadly as the one that occurred Monday.

“Accidents to this extent do not really happen frequently,” Cullum said.