As of Wednesday afternoon, former UCSB student Christian Covarrubias was still being held in custody on $250,000 bail after nearly two months at the Santa Barbara County Jail.

UC Police Dept. (UCPD) officers arrested Covarrubias, 18, on Nov. 19 for attempted rape and burglary after a female Francisco Torres resident reported being assaulted by a man she did not know.

Deputy District Attorney Joyce Dudley said that Superior Court Judge Joseph Lodge said at Covarrubias’ hearing on Dec. 14 that he found reasonable suspicion that Covarrubias was guilty of felony sexual battery, attempted rape and burglary. On Friday, the court will determine the date of Covarrubias’ trial.

UCPD officer Mark Signa said he did not know why Covarrubias is still in custody. He said most suspects usually make bail or are released by the court soon after their hearing.

“Usually, most people are released [from custody] at this point,” Signa said.

Dudley did not comment as to why Covarrubias is still in custody.

Family and friends attended the hearing, which was over an hour long, in support of Covarrubias, Dudley said. She said the victim was also present and testified against Covarrubias.

Dudley also said Covarrubias has since withdrawn from UCSB, after attending the university for one quarter. The Office of the Registrar has confirmed that he is no longer enrolled. Dudley did not disclose any additional information regarding Covarrubias’ withdrawal.