A power outage on Embarcadero del Norte left more than a dozen Southern California Edison customers in the dark yesterday and forced some local businesses in the area to temporarily close their doors.

The blackout began around 12 a.m. Monday morning and lasted until approximately 6:15 p.m., said Mark Talarsu, the owner of the Domino’s Pizza on Embarcadero del Norte. Nate, a Southern California Edison customer service representative who could not give his last name, said a blown transformer in the area caused the outage, which affected approximately 20 Southern California Edison customers.

Talarsu said Domino’s Pizza was closed for at least three hours around midnight on Monday morning while store employees found generators to run the restaurant’s appliances and lights.

“It was not horrible,” Talarsu said. “But it does happen an awful lot around here in the same spot.”

Nate said blackouts do occur often in Isla Vista but said there could be multiple reasons behind the power outages.

“It could be that the equipment in that area is old,” Nate said. “It could be that the wind is really strong and messes it up. It could be a lot of things,”

The blackout also caused Isla Vista Market to stay closed for most of Monday. Rae Owen, a manager at I.V. Market, said the store was closed for the duration of the outage. She said the store lost business revenues for most of the day, but none of the store’s merchandise suffered during the blackout.

“We’re totally fine,” Owen said. “[The owner] brought dry ice in as soon as he found out. Nothing got damaged or anything.”

Keg N’ Bottle manager Samer J., who declined to give his full last name, said the blackout brought him more business than usual.

“I was open and it was just a normal day,” Samer said. “Since I.V. Market was closed, I had more customers. But otherwise it was a normal day, except the power was down all day.”

Owen said she wishes the outage had occurred during Winter Break when fewer people were in I.V., especially because today was the first day of the new quarter.

“It was bad today because it was the first day of classes,” Owen said. “It would be worse if we were a copy shop.”