As of yesterday afternoon, first-year UCSB student Christian Covarrubias remained imprisoned after almost two weeks at Santa Barbara County Jail, awaiting his preliminary hearing slated for Dec. 14.

Covarrubias is being held on charges of attempted rape, sexual battery and burglary. UC Police Dept. officers arrested Covarrubias on Nov. 19 after a female Francisco Torres (FT) Residence Hall resident identified him as the man who allegedly broke into her room and attempted to assault her.

Covarrubias, who is also an FT resident, pled not guilty at his recent arraignment and will remain in custody until his $250,000 bail is paid for or a judge decides to release him at the preliminary hearing, said District Attorney Joyce Dudley, who has been assigned to the case.

If Covarrubias is still in custody at the time of the hearing, Dudley said, the judge might also decide to lower his bail, depending on what terms are agreed upon.

Public Defender Rachel Solomon said she will represent Covarrubias in court.

Executive Director of Residential Services Willie Brown said he could not disclose information regarding Covarrubias’ status as an FT resident. He said Residential Services will decide later whether or not to evict Covarrubias.

“We know the facts and we’re considering what actions to take,” Brown said.

UCPD officers arrived at FT at 5:40 a.m. on Nov. 19 after a woman called and reported that Covarrubias had broken into her room and attempted to assault her. Covarrubias had never met the woman prior to the incident, said UCPD officer Mark Signa. He said Covarrubias was not under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs at the time of his arrest and said he admitted to being in the area where the incident was reported. The woman was unharmed.