Thieves broke into I.V. Theater yesterday and pinched a data projector worth $4,000, leaving other expensive electronics untouched and leading the building’s supervisor to believe that the culprits knew exactly what they were looking for.

UC Police Dept. spokesman Officer Mark Signa said officers are investigating the burglary, during which only the Sony data projector — used to play movies and slide shows on a large screen – was stolen from I.V. Theater II. Signa said investigators currently have no leads pointing to any suspects in the crime, which was reported to police early Wednesday morning.

“At this point, we are doing an investigation,” Signa said. “We’re talking to employees who were there [Tuesday] night to see if they have information.”

I.V. Theater Supervisor Erik Moore said he thinks whoever broke into the theater was only interested in stealing the projector, since it was the only thing taken during the burglary.

“It seemed to me that whoever took the projector had planned to take it,” Moore said. “They didn’t touch anything else. There was a computer and other electronics, but they knew what they wanted.”

Only one class was affected by the missing equipment, Moore said. He said he was able to find another projector to loan to the classroom until the old one is replaced.

Moore said he plans to file an insurance claim for the stolen projector, which will help pay for a replacement.