The pirates and pimps stripped of their swords and canes by the Isla Vista Foot Patrol (IVFP) over Halloween weekend have until the end of today to retrieve their confiscated costume items before they are donated or thrown away.

Officers manning the barricades throughout Isla Vista collected approximately 200 costume items they thought could be used as weapons, including swords, brooms, sticks, replica handguns, golf clubs and hockey sticks. The confiscated objects are being held at the IVFP office on Pardall Road. Sgt. Steve Johnson said people can pick up their costume pieces until 5 p.m., after which all unclaimed items will be thrown away.

Johnson said law enforcement officers confiscate items from people every Halloween to help cut down on the amount of potential weapons on the street. He said partygoers were warned they were not allowed to carry anything that could be construed as potentially dangerous prior to the weekend.

“[These are] preventative methods to keep weapons off [Del Playa Drive] on Halloween weekend, and keep the people safe,” Johnson said. “People were told they could not enter certain areas with the items and they could drop them off and claim them at the IVFP at a later date.”

Darcel Elliott, a second-year sociology major, said her roommate and a couple of her friends had items taken from them by officers. While she thinks it was unfortunate that people had pieces of their costumes confiscated she said she appreciates the IVFP’s attempt to keep the streets safe.

“It sucks, but you never know how people are going to act, especially when they’re drinking and there are a lot of out-of-towners,” Elliot said. “So I guess it’s okay that these extra precautions are taken.”

Johnson said certain unclaimed items, such as toys, will be donated to charity and everything else will be thrown away after 5 p.m. today.

Elliot said she thinks donating the confiscated objects is one way that I.V.’s Halloween celebration could actually benefit the local community.

“Usually outsiders and the media focus on all the bad things that happen and the negative aspects of Halloween in Isla Vista, but it is things like this that prove that good things can and do come out of events like this,” Elliot said.