Dear Editor, Daily Nexus,

I’d like to respond to Colin Marshall’s piece, “Don’t Forget the Costume Smog Check” (Daily Nexus, Oct. 28). I (and several other girls I know) would like to tell that misogynistic bastard to go fuck himself. He equates going out to party/hooking up with buying used goods, which seems to belie his feelings that Isla Vista women who make certain fashion choices – platform shoes, dyed hair or tattooed lower backs – just scream of a woman looking to get fucked, no matter who she’s getting it from. Well I’ve got news for you: Yes, my friends and I like to party. Yes, we like to dress up in risqué outfits we wouldn’t wear to school. And yes, some of our single group members like to “hook up,” which dressing a certain way helps to perpetuate. Those of us in monogamous relationships like to dress scandalously too, because it’s fun, and it also pleases our significant others. But Colin doesn’t seem to want to recognize that. Also, he basically says that unless a girl is wearing a shirt that openly states, “I’m a slut,” a guy often doesn’t know what he’s getting into by hooking up with her. Bull fucking shit, asshole. Your wonderful principle of “information asymmetry” goes both ways. There are just as many guys that leave out certain information to hoodwink a girl into bed, so point that high-powered lens of perception in toward yourself and your own sex sometime before you go passing judgment on women who happen to enjoy getting dolled up and going out just for the fun of it.