With the launch of Apple Computer’s new promotional campaign, students and faculty can win several prizes this month by showing off their Apple gear while on campus.

Apple Student Representatives Maya Collins, a second-year psychology major and Ian Fisch, a third-year electrical engineering major said they will circle the campus this month in black Apple hats and hand out prize entry forms to students, faculty and staff who are in possession of any fully visible Apple product. In order to win the prizes, contestants must return the forms to Collins or Fisch in the UCen] lobby or in the computer department of the UCSB Bookstore on Wednesdays and Fridays between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. The final drawing for the contest, which began yesterday and ends Nov. 23, will be held the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Fisch said he hopes the contest will help publicize how many UCSB students own Apple products.

“We want to show how prevalent Apple is on campus,” Fisch said. “A lot of students use Apple – many people don’t know how popular it is. Plus, it’s a cool contest… iPods are really popular with students. This will get people excited.”

Collins said the contest, which aims to spread the use and ownership of Apple products on campus, is exclusive to UCSB.

“Each campus decides how they want to promote Apple depending on the culture of the student population,” Collins said. “This is our first promo event and we thought it catered to UCSB.”

All Apple products must be clearly visible and not obscured by clothing or backpacks in order for their owners to be eligible in the contest, Collins said.

“We’re looking for people on whom we can see their whole iPod – not just the headphones,” Collins said. “If you’re using an iBook in class or the UCen, that’s what we want.”

A drawing will be held on Nov. 28 to determine the winners of the contest, Collins said. The first-place prize is a new 30-gigabyte video iPod. Second and third runners-up will receive a two-gigabyte iPod nano – a smaller version of Apple’s iPod music device – and the choice between the AirPort Express wireless internet system or an iSight web camera. In addition, the Apple representatives will be handing out more than 90 coupons for free iTunes music, Collins said.

Collins said Apple employs representatives at more than 250 campuses across the U.S. and offers a multitude of discounts to current students.