Editor, Daily Nexus,

As regards Brittany Madison’s published objection to a phrase contained in Nina Love Anthony’s Wednesday Hump (Reader’s Voice: When it Comes to Foreplay, Jews Light My Menorah, Daily Nexus, Oct. 21), I have one thing to say: Pick your battles, Miss Madison.

The joke to which the columnist referred is one of the oldest in the book — it’s based not on Anthony’s personal views, but a stereotype of long standing. A stereotype, might I add, which has absolutely nothing to do with the sexual prowess or appetites of Jewish men. Instead, it applies to the cliché of the sexually reserved Jewish woman. I’m not excusing the type, but instead intending to clarify its point — which Madison clearly missed by miles.

Additionally, perhaps Madison should examine her own rhetorical techniques before criticizing Anthony’s. She lumps all Jewish men and all Catholic men into “Good in Bed” and “Bad in Bed” categories. (Incidentally, I would be interested to learn her views as to the bedroom habits and skills of other sects. I’m an agnostic who went to an Episcopal school — where does that put me, Brittany?) By describing Anthony’s choice of allusion as whiny, “negative,” “misguided” and “ignorant,” she is well within her rights. But to write such a willful criticism of an issue whose point she has missed so drastically? Unnecessary and unfair.

Perhaps with a more thorough inspection of the points she intends to criticize — and an examination of her own methods — she can avoid appearing as, dare I say — whiny and ignorant — as she did in her deeply flawed rebuttal.