The Associated Students Finance Board allocated roughly a third of its remaining fall quarter budget to two student groups Monday afternoon, and passed an action item reserving additional money to A.S. boards and committees.

The board allocated $600 to the India Association to help pay for its Diwali Function – a cultural show – and $680 to student comedy troop Improvability to help pay for advertising and web site maintenance. Members also voted to reserve 10 percent of Finance Board’s quarterly budget for fall, winter and spring this year for A.S. boards and committees. The board is left with $2,069.61 in unallocated funds for the remainder of the quarter.

Although A.S. boards and committees are allocated funding during the budgeting process in the previous winter, President Chaz Whatley said the process does not take into account unforeseen needs the groups may have throughout the year. Whatley cited the A.S. Legal Code to support the board’s decision, saying boards and committees receive priority for all funding needs over student groups outside of A.S.

“Our boards and committees never have enough money and that’s partially because [A.S. doesn’t] have enough money,” Whatley said. “They don’t ask for money sometimes because they think it’s for student groups, but our priority is committees and commissions. It’s a safety net for our boards and committees to keep afloat.”

A.S. Committees on Committees Coordinator Justin Pabian said the membership of A.S. boards and committees changes throughout the year, sometimes making the budget allocations set during the previous school year insufficient.

“Things always come up and board membership can change from quarter to quarter,” Pabian said. “When you do the budget process you want to leave as much as possible for student groups and still have enough for boards and committees.”

However, Internal Vice President Adam Graff said the newly adopted policy is not permanent. Because it is a “standing policy,” the action item will only last for the duration of this school year. He said the policy may eventually become permanent if Leg Council decides to include it in the A.S. By-laws.

“We want to see if it will help our under-funded boards and committees without aversely affecting the students groups who come in for funds,” Graff said. “If it doesn’t help or it is really hurting student groups, I’m confident that it will be repealed. This is an experiment.”

Besides setting aside funding for its fellow A.S. entities, the board allocated $600 to Improvability to pay for weekly advertising in the Daily Nexus and also to maintain their website. The group originally requested $1,191 to pay for two weekly ads in the Nexus, but several board members, including Brent Wisener, said the group only needed one ad per week and therefore should not be receive full funding on their request.

“Having two ads in the Nexus a week is unnecessary,” Wisener said. “They have shows every week and they are asking for a third of our budget. That’s a lot for one organization, especially since we only have a few weeks left.”

Graff said he thinks Improvability could find other sources of funding.

“They seemed adamant about keeping their ticket prices to $3,” Graff said. “If they were to raise it to $5 I don’t think it would deter people from going … It could eliminate the need for us to fund them completely.”

The board also voted unanimously in favor of funding $600 of the requested $750 for India Association’s Diwali Function, an Indian culture show that will take place in Girvetz Theater on Nov. 5 from 6 to 10 p.m.