This letter is in response to Monday’s letters “Ben Stein Confuses What It Means to Be an American” (Daily Nexus, Oct. 17) and “Republicans Wasted Their Money Bringing Stein to SB” (Daily Nexus, Oct. 17).

I love bigotry and duplicity. It gives me something to talk about, something to argue with. And I especially savor it in couples. Thank you, Daily Nexus, for giving us not one, but two letters, the content of which roughly sums up to ‘Ben Stein and Republicans suck.’

It may sound a crude turn of phrase, but the arguments – or lack thereof – and language ‘supporting’ these pieces make me feel it an appropriate synopsis. I especially enjoyed the letter by Matt Reed, who with pride mentioned his ‘sophisticated’ commentary during Mr. Stein’s speech, although he omitted the part where, after treating the audience to the weight and complexity of his arguments, principally calling the speaker a ‘fascist fuck’ (an odd accusation, given that Stein condemned the Nazis several times in his speech), attempted to exit the speaking hall via the closet.

Ted Coe also left his mark on the ink-stained editorial page with his original and exciting ideas, which in no way represented the tripe the public has had to put up with from liberals for the last, oh, forty-odd-years. From calling the government “our country’s racist and homophobic military-industrial complex” (a term to which he credited Dwight Eisenhower, although I suspect the first part may have been his own invention), to accusing the College Republicans of seeking to force minorities into the military (blissfully unaware that the overall distribution of ethnicity in our military all but perfectly mirrors the general distribution of the U.S. population), Mr. Coe demonstrated that mindless clich