Editor, Daily Nexus,

I am writing in response to Katy Tur’s article on the physical appearance of news reporters (“News on the Tube Scores Poorly on Alum’s Report Card,” Daily Nexus, Sept. 28). Personally, I am sick of American news stations’ blatant failure to give international news coverage. I’m currently taking a class with political science professor Benjamin Cohen, and I like his frankness about his beliefs that he calls his adherence to the “truth of advertising.” If news stations are going to give major coverage to stories like Terri Schiavo, Scott Peterson and Michael Jackson, I’d rather have news reporters illustrate “truth of advertising” and look like the “cheesy blonde anchors who look like the girl who does keg stands” that Tur describes. I recently returned from my first trip to Europe and I was shocked at how much I learned from watching the news abroad. In addition, the average person I met abroad seemed much more educated on worldly events than the average American. American news stations need to step up and cover worldly events – not just the newest personal tragedy of the week. When news stations start covering real news, then maybe I’ll agree with Tur that news reporters should look “wise and trustworthy.” Perhaps the fact that news stations like Fox and CNN play the same unsubstantial stories on repeat is a contributing factor to why so many people have replaced the eleven o’clock news with “The Daily Show.”