Editor, Daily Nexus,

To men’s lacrosse coach, Mike Allan: UCSB lacrosse is a club sport and that represents the purest sense of amateur athleticism. Rather than focusing on deficiencies in the program, your student athletes have been empowered to take “ownership” of their team. Team leaders have made tremendous strides in providing their own management, organization and leadership both on and off the field. Aaron Halimi, Will Patton, Nick Schooler and Lewis Kubitz are just a few of the student lacrosse players who are always in the Recreational Sports office working on lacrosse’s operational manual, development and fundraiser goals, travel and facility requests, TURF/SMERF initiatives and more.

Everyone in your program has embraced the “servant’s heart,” promoting a well-rounded educational experience balancing one’s physical, social, intellectual and emotional growth. With their experience, they have learned about competitive achievement, teamwork, communication, leadership, social responsibility and the ability to make ethical and intelligent decisions.

Coach Allan, thank you for guiding our students with their scholarship, leadership and citizenship, and for bringing recognition to our fine institution with back-to-back national lacrosse championship titles!