Failing to paint Colorado Springs, Colo., black last weekend at Regionals the UCSB men’s ultimate Frisbee team, the Black Tide, took third place losing to San Diego in the backdoor finals 9-15 dismissing a chance at Nationals.

“It was incredibly disappointing, it’s still kind of a sore subject and I’m sure it is for everyone on the team,” UCSB senior co-captain Scott Perry said. “The entire team gave it their all the entire season and we ended on a low note, but there’s nothing we should look down on because we did work our [butts] off.”

UCSB qualified for Regionals, earning the #2 ranking in its region in April after defeating San Diego 15-8 to take first place at Sectionals.

The Black Tide emerged victorious over Colorado at Boulder on May 7 in the first day of the regional tournament, shutting out Colorado 15-0 and Colorado College 15-1 in quarterfinal action. UCSB faced off against the Squids for the first time in the tournament in Saturday’s semifinal round, losing 12-14.

“I think we were a little cocky going into the first time we played [against UCSD] because we beat them at Sectionals; we thought we would be able to beat them again in Regionals,” Perry said. “We did not play that good of a game in the semifinals, and we were expecting to easily to beat them.”

That loss moved Santa Barbara into Sunday’s consolation bracket of the double-elimination tournament. The Black Tide made it to the backdoor final game after defeating Cal Poly 15-10 in the consolation quarterfinals, and Arizona 15-7 in the quarterfinals.

With one last chance for Nationals at stake, Santa Barbara took on San Diego on Sunday in the backdoor final and lost 9-15. Senior Jonny Hester and freshman Yoshi Tamagawa offered significant contributions to the team.

“We came out and let them get a few scores ahead of us and we just couldn’t take it back,” sophomore Rory Orloff said. “We kind of gave them the game at the beginning and couldn’t get it back from them.”

UCSB endured Regionals on the road, losing the home-field advantage it enjoyed during Sectionals. After traveling almost 2000 miles to Colorado Springs, the Tide faced wind gusts upward of 30 miles per hour on Sunday and also had to contend with the 7,000-foot elevation, which made things difficult for the seaside athletes.

The Black Tide will have to wait until next year for a chance at Nationals.