In support of University of California service workers, the Associated Students Legislative Council unanimously voted Wednesday night to support today’s strike.

Local 3299 chapter of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) union is striking because it claims the UC failed to meet its demands regarding wages, work hours, workers’ rights and sweatshop-free uniforms, an A.S. position paper said.

The paper urged students to support the AFSCME strike by not crossing picket lines and by joining the workers in their demonstrations and rallies. The council is also requiring all UCSB A.S. employees to stay out of the A.S. office today and conduct their work elsewhere.

Off-Campus Representative Lindsay Saito said she supported the resolution because of her past experience with service workers.

“I personally got to know the full-time workers from working in the dining commons last year,” Saito said. “I know the work they do, and many of them don’t get paid enough. I feel that they fully deserve their demands.”

Rep-At-Large Sam Giles said he supported the decision because he felt the workers were underpaid.

“Eighty percent of service workers are receiving wages that are not sufficient to support a family, even if both parents work,” Giles said. “We urge [students] to support the movement.”