Running as an independent candidate can be tough. I don’t get to wear a Christmas-colored T-shirt, I don’t have throngs of zombies cheering me when I say anything at a debate and I am always the outsider of the campaign. I want to set the record straight. I founded my campaign on the premises of fixing A.S. funding and making A.S. more accessible to the students. Regardless of my experience, I will make a great candidate. I have a vision for the future that is attainable and will try my hardest to get my goals accomplished. Torrin Brooks for A.S. president!

The party system at UCSB has failed us. Recently both parties had mission statements published here in the Nexus. Both parties seem to support every cause out there — it’s ridiculous. They have lost touch with reality. I actually like many of the candidates and even wish them luck in the election. But seriously, drop the parties. In the recent candidate forums, many of them claimed to dislike the party system, yet still joined one. Be an A.S. Hole — stick it to the system. Your parties don’t bring anything to government — they just make it worse. As an independent candidate, I will be able to work with all people, regardless of the color of their shirt. I will get things done that need to be done.

My goals as president include being a voice for students and balancing the funding situation. I won’t hide in my office; I will be around campus and Isla Vista. I will be available by phone, e-mail ( or even at home. I will take the time to listen and convey students’ concerns and desires to A.S. I will allocate funding to places that benefit our campus or our community. I’ll be honest and causes that only help themselves should be worried. The era of free money is over. Help the campus or go the way of the Soviets — straight to hell.

Another key issue to address is that of student disinterest in A.S. Let’s face it: Students simply do not care. They see A.S. as an elitist club that cannot do much for them. Also, recent events with the current A.S. president have tarnished its image. We now need a common student to help rectify this situation. As an outsider to the A.S. system, students will have reason to trust in me. I’m just an average student — I haven’t been corrupted by the system.

Going along these lines, I want to simplify A.S. so anyone can get involved easily. I want to set up a decent webpage where students can get any information they would want about A.S. Sure, there is one now, but it does not contain a lot of relevant information. I want one with a schedule, budget, meeting information, contact information, directions, feedback submission and maybe even a forum. I just want to make it as simple as possible for students to get involved.

People should vote for me because I am the true voice of reason and change in this election. Student Action Coalition and Students’ Party have not lived up to their promises; I will not fail you. As an independent candidate, I will work with all representatives to make the campus a better place. I will work with staff and campus officials to provide extra services where possible if we have the funds. Instead of asking for more money for A.S., I will ask students to vote on lock-in fees — like the Counseling & Career Services initiative — so at least they know where their money is going. I will strive to make UCSB the best place possible with the money provided. My background in both economics and politics makes me an ideal candidate. I will run A.S. like a business. Things that do not help will be scrapped. If elected, A.S. will see changes like never before. And even if I’m not elected president, someday someone like me will be, and then the party system will be in trouble. The bullshit that people get away with because of their party affiliations will not be tolerated by our students for long. Support your independent candidate. Elect Torrin Brooks for A.S. president.

Torrin Brooks is a candidate for Associated Students president.