Nearly 10 years after the release of Odelay, Beck finds himself reinventing the art of reinvention and excelling in the self-deprecation that made “Loser” the definitive slacker anthem of the early ’90s. Guero (Mr. Hansen’s 10th studio album for those of us counting) defines Beck as best as any single work could; through an eclectic mix of haphazard beats, melancholic lyricism, salsa, street slang and what can only be described as Atari-esque backing tracks. Much like Odelay, the album melds pseudo-genres together in a way that simultaneously suggests immense depth and utter disregard. Still, while the dance funk and white boy ghetto rap are fun-loving and groove-inspiring, his voice is definitely a more mature one than in albums past. Where Mellow Gold and Odelay reveled in their randomness with na