Demolition crews are currently tearing down part of Snidecor Hall to make way for a new entertainment center.

The new extension to the building will include a theater for film screenings and live performances, as well as an outdoor theater. Construction of the $12 million project is scheduled to finish in June 2006, said Frank Peters, Roger-Quinn Construction project manager.

Project workers spent much more time cleaning out asbestos than they had originally planned to, Peters said. The amount of asbestos crews found in the dance studio walls — which had been piling up since the 1960s — caused large increases in the budget because of the need for consistent air sampling and a temporary clean room, he said. Workers wrapped part of Snidecor Hall in plastic last week as a safety precaution.

“The huge cost of demolition went to asbestos abatement,” Peters said.

Peters said there are plans for more extensive construction over the next few months, and project workers will be out on the bike path directing traffic. Over the summer, construction crews plan to build a new, paved bike path to replace the one that currently runs parallel to Snidecor Hall, Peters said.