Imagine you’re walking alone in an empty field. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, a duffel bag falls from the sky. Having such a curious mind, you slowly open the bag only to find millions of dollars. What would you do? Would you choose to spend all the money on yourself or would you consider this a gift from God and decide to help anyone and everyone you can? In Director Danny Boyle’s film “Millions,” that is exactly what two brothers must decide.

After their mother passes away, Anthony and Damien (Lewis McGibbon and Alex Etel), move with their father to a new house. Damien, the younger of the two, is a little offbeat. He has a fascination with saints from all over the world, and has a hard time fitting in because of this interest. In order to escape, he builds forts out of cardboard boxes and waits for trains to go by. However, on one very normal day, a huge sack of money falls out of nowhere and lands on Damien’s fort. Being the believer he is, Damien decides that it was sent from God so that he can help other people. He tells only one other person, his brother, who decides that this money was just abandoned, so he can spend it any way he wants. The two carry on spending/donating the money until they learn that it was actually stolen from a bank that was ready to destroy the pounds just before England switches its currency to Euros.

It’s probably a safe assumption to say that all the main actors of the film are unknown to the general American public. Nevertheless, they still seem to fit the roles they play; they perform adequately in this plot and script-based movie, which completely banks on the interesting dialogue between the kids. Etel definitely steals the spotlight here. The delivery of his lines and the overall portrayal of the character come across naturally due to his great comedic timing. Director Boyle (“Trainspotting”) stays true to the main character in the way he executes his film, keeping it a story told through Damien’s eyes. Every aspect of the film has some sort of child-like quality to it, which makes the film all the more appealing. The locations, music and overall ambiance come together to create a good film. Look for this movie to open nationwide March 11.