The UC Police Dept. is investigating an on-campus incident that occurred last week in which a Santa Barbara man was allegedly physically assaulted and his 17-year-old girlfriend was allegedly sexually assaulted.

UCPD spokesman Sgt. Mark Signa said two male UCSB students fought with the Santa Barbara man outside a room in San Rafael Hall on Feb. 3, while at least one other UCSB student may have sexually assaulted the woman inside the room. Signa said police are investigating charges of battery with serious injury to the male victim and charges of statutory rape and rape of an intoxicated person for the female victim.

Police withheld the names of all five people involved.

Signa said the three male UCSB students met the victims in Isla Vista Thursday night, and the five people went back to San Rafael to continue drinking alcohol. According to a UCPD news release, while in the residence hall, a fight broke out in the hallway between the male victim and two of the students. Signa said police do not yet know what caused the fight. The woman was inside with at least one other student during the fight, where she was allegedly sexually assaulted, the release stated.

Signa said UCPD responded to a report of a fight at San Rafael Hall at 11:58 p.m., but when officers arrived on the scene, they only found the male victim. He was taken into custody, but transported to Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital after police saw he was seriously injured. The news release stated a UCPD detective learned of the alleged sexual assault the following morning while he was interviewing the male and female victims at the hospital.

Signa said the three UCSB students were not residents of the room, nor are they confirmed to be residents of San Rafael Hall. He said UCPD has spoken with most of the suspects and several witnesses, but has not yet made any arrests.