Even UCSB students who do not own cars will soon be able to experience the luxury of valet service — or at least their laundry will.

Valet Today, a service that provides weekly laundry and dry cleaning assistance for students, faculty and staff for various college campuses, will make its UCSB debut this week and work with the Residential Housing Association and various sororities and fraternities to make the service accessible.

The service picks up students’ laundry at a predetermined location on campus. The laundry is cleaned, folded and delivered back to the location within 48 hours. RHA and Valet Today directors have not yet decided where this location will be on the UCSB campus, but the service plan costs $199 per quarter and includes 11 laundry washes per quarter, with an option that automatically bills students for any washes over 11.

Zachary Green, managing partner for Valet Today at UCSB, said the service attempts to give students an opportunity to have someone else do their laundry and offer them more time to do other things in their life.

“There is one thing that we can not make more of and that is time. [Valet Today] helps free up your time so you can do the things you would rather be doing,” Green said. “Socializing, studying, working out or whatever it is, we take having to do laundry out of your hands.”

The Chicago-based company serves other college campuses nationwide such as Northwestern, Loyola University in Chicago, De Paul, Arizona State University, Indiana and Purdue. UCSB will be the first college on the West Coast to partner with Valet Today. The three-year-old company first offered their services to houses and apartments and recently decided to offer university students the same option.

Although some students said they would find the laundry service useful, Jennifer To, a freshman business economics major, said she worries about other people touching her underwear.

“I think that would not only be awkward for me, but for the person doing my laundry,” To said. “Also, you’re going to have to learn to do your own laundry sooner or later – if you always have the option of someone else doing your laundry, you’re going to start to depend on it.”

Kristin Grant, a freshman pre-biology major, said she thinks the laundry service is a good deal because the costs associated with dry cleaning, transportation, detergent and fabric softener can add up.

“I think I would definitely use it because I have a lot of stuff that needs to be dry cleaned and I don’t want to have to deal with laundromats far away – my time is better spent studying,” Grant said. “Especially for athletes, we practice four hours a day and we don’t have time for laundry.”

Some students said they think the concept is sound, but the price is too high.

“I think it’s a good idea,” said Candice Carre, a senior film studies major, “but I personally would not use the service because I don’t have the money.”

Students interested in Valet Today can find out more by visiting www.valettoday.com.