Editor, Daily Nexus,

As you all probably know, Ellwood Mesa was finally spared from being developed. But we can’t celebrate for too long. There is a new battle to be won. Naples is a gorgeous area just a few miles north of Goleta that is in serious jeopardy of being developed. Naples includes a multitude of natural habitats including grasslands, wetlands, two river outlets and unspoiled beach that will all be ruined if this out-of-town developer is allowed to build directly on the coast.

Right now, plans include 54 mansions and an equestrian center, which will span both sides of the freeway. This sort of development is guaranteed to negatively impact the water quality of the ocean and the habitats of various coastal species, and contribute to the erosion of the bluffs. Don’t forget about the increased traffic flow to the area, the fact that public access to the beach may be blocked and that rather than scenic views on the trip north we will instead be looking at 13,000-square-foot homes.

Obviously, no development at all would be the ideal situation, but if the county is going to insist on allowing this gated community to happen, let’s keep it on the north side of the highway and away from the delicate coastline. So whether you’re an environmentalist, an avid surfer or just love the beach, please help us save the last piece of unspoiled coast in Southern California. Please take five minutes to send an e-mail to our county planner, Peter Imhoff, at pimhoff@co.santa-barbara.ca.us and our 3rd District supervisor, Brooks Firestone, at bfirestone@co.santa-barbara.ca.us by Feb. 7 and tell them how you feel about the Naples development. Come by the I.V. Surfrider meetings on Wednesdays at 7:30 in the MultiCultural Center to learn more about Naples and other projects. Don’t let out-of-town developers spoil the Gaviota coast for all of us.